Truehearts Poultry

Japanese Bantam:
The Japanese bantam (or Chabo) is a charming little bird with lots of personality.  They make a delightful ornament for any garden and lay well, making great mothers. 

Roosters can live together with minimal fuss.  Here at Truehearts, we breed Japanese bantams in standard colours and in more unusual colours, focusing on type and temperament.  We keep these decorative little chickens in both the frizzled and the smooth-feathered variety.
Black-tailed white hen
Black hen
Mottled hen
Silver Duckwing Rooster
Blue wheaten rooster
Frizzles (Black-tailed white rooster, silver duckwing pullet)
Frizzle rooster
Birchen hen
***We sometimes have Japanese Bantam Cockerels and Pullets For Sale.***